Minim - A Multi-Purpose Portfolio And Blog Theme

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to announce the release of our new theme Minim, a powerful, multi-purpose portfolio and blog theme for creatives. Show off your work and writing with custom portfolio templates, testimonials and a full-featured blog.

:point_right: Demo:


Minim features a custom homepage with 4 unique portfolio styles with a category filter and a testimonial slider.

Dark Mode

Dark mode can be set to on, off or auto (depending on your device settings). In addition, a toggle on your website for users to switch dark mode on/off.


In addition to all of the portfolio features, Minim features a full blog with custom post templates and native comments and search.

Custom Page Templates

Minim features multiple custom page templates including:

Minim also features full Members support, extensive customization options, language translations and much more.

For Ghost community members, the first 10 people to use the discount code minim20 will receive 20% off.

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Your feedback and any questions are welcome!