Multi language problem with site.lang

Hi, I am moving my site to ghost at the moment. (I am new on ghost)
I installed ghost v2,2 to (casper default theme) on domain.
I have decided multi language site. “tr”(defautl) and “en”.

I read all of tutorials and ghost forum. The solution was simple.

1- Create route for collections - ok

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: 'tag:-en'
    permalink: /en/{slug}/
    filter: 'tag:en'
  1. Create “en” tag for post - ok

  2. Copy index.hbs to en.hbs - ok

  3. Restart ghost. ok

Tutorial says default.html has and it will change automaticly. But its not! Every page has still default lang code “tr” on and

  1. I tried Insert to en.hbs template still “tr”
  2. Tried copy default.hbs to default-en.hbs (with lang code “en” html tag) etc etc.

I am missing something bu what ? Thank you for your replies.

  • Ghost 2.22,
  • Ubuntu 18, - nginx,
    Tried with crome, firefox,

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