Multilanguage blog with a multilanguage theme

Hi there,

I’m currently making my theme Ghost 2.0 compliant and I must say I’m very happy with this new release. Really, thanks for the hard work Ghost team, it’s always a pleasure!

But here’s my problem.
My blog has two languages : FR by default and some posts in EN.
I used the new dynamic routing to filter posts via the language tag and it worked pretty well BUT… I stumbled upon an issue.
My theme has a json for each language (FR & EN) and when I go to my url /en/ I’d like to get my english theme as well as my english posts, you see.
But I don’t see how, since, AFAIK, the json is selected according to the language set in the blog settings.

Did I miss something or is this something you’re currently working on?

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ooh, that’s an interesting one @Kate

@John @GoOz can’t we just use custom templates? like tag-{{slug}}.hbs (tag-fr.hbs and tag-en.hbs) ?

Sure, but they’re talking about themes which have localisation built in, stored in a JSON file, pulled from our site.locale setting

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Interesting… sounds like a cool thing to work on :smiley:

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So, if I understand well, I didn’t miss something. :smiley:
That’s still good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sadly, Dynamic Routing Beta and theme translations don’t play well together yet.
But we’ll figure this out as soon as possible! Promised! :slightly_smiling_face:

For now, the workaround would be to use static templates for the target language.


  • en.hbs for the collection index page
  • a custom post template like custom-en.hbs
  • tag-en.hbs for the tag page (as @Tony suggested)
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