Multiple Instances of Ghost in Kubernetes Cluster

Hi everybody,

I was just wondering if you all knew how the Ghost CMS pricing model works if I run multiple instances of ghost within a Kubernetes cluster? For example, one Ghost pod per end-user. Will that be charged like so… each user is assigned 1 pod and 1 pod = $9.00/month per user? Or is there a free open-source version of Ghost that can work in the same way except it’s free to use, but has the option for an upgrade later on if the user requests one?


Ghost is an Open Source publishing platform, while Ghost (Pro) is managed Ghost hosting. Ghost is free, while Ghost (Pro) is a paid service which takes the stress out of self-hosting :slightly_smiling_face:

Ghost (Pro) does not provide any features on top of Ghost. In other words, all the Ghost features that Ghost (Pro) offers are available in the official Ghost releases

Do note - at this time, Ghost does not support clustering. Meaning you shouldn’t be running multiple instances of Ghost to serve 1 site.

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Thanks for your response vikaspotluri123. What you said makes sense. I don’t actually plan to run multiple instances of Ghost for one site, but I do plan to host multiple sites that will have only one Ghost backend each. So it’s a one-to-one relationship, but multiple isolated deployments of that relationship. I hope that makes sense :)