My ghost blog burnt last night


My ghost blog burnt in the OVH fire last night.

I spent 2 months migrating manually my old wordpress (I’ve done 30%) and I need to restart everything. I have backups for raw images but not for database (I know… but I was still migrating night after night).

I’m thinking about scripting the process (I tried the import/export plugins but my blog was way too big and old, so the result was very poor and I need more time to update each post than rewrite).

For that, my plan, is to upload all pictures and use a small script to recreate a small article with the text and images in “galeries”. I don’t know how I will handle the feature image yet.

The main “problem” for me is about all images. My images are classified in YYYY/MM directories.
If I use the API or the admin, all images will be uploaded in current (“2021/03”) directory. But if I upload them directly with SFTP, they will not be “optimized”, right?

Is there a better way to do that?

Thanks and sorry if I’m not clear, I’m still in pain with this loss…

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I believe Ghost “optimizes” (as in creates the multiple resolutions needed) on the fly whenever it encounters a new image/page, so you should be fine.

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Thanks, I will try that!