My new Ghost agency

Hi all!

I recently started a little one-man Ghost agency called Codelet, which offers on-demand support for all Ghost publishers, big and small.

I’ve worked on 100+ Ghost sites, was one of the first ever Certified Ghost Experts and I run Ghost-related projects like Cove and Super Themes Co.

Basically, I’m here if anyone needs help optimising Ghost, building on top of it, supporting newly-released Ghost features or carrying out design- and theme-related updates.

I’ve set Codelet up with hourly packages so I’m like an on-demand dev that is ready whenever you need me.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’d of course be very happy to help with your Ghost site.




Dan designed some of the most impressive, user-friendly themes on Ghost, including those of Ali Abdaal and Balaji Srinivasan. I booked a few hours with him on Codelet to customize one of the themes he developed, and the whole process has been a breeze - he’s super quick to respond and uses our time effectively and conscientiously. Can’t recommend this service enough!

Congrats, Dan – all the best for your new venture. You’ve certainly earned the respect and loyalty of the Ghost community!

Dan, that’s really a great job
Many Congrats to you