Native Shipping Address Capture for Paid Subscribers

I would like to have shipping address data as an option for paid subscribers at specific tiers. One of my subscriber benefits is a physical publication and currently I am sending them to a google form which firstly takes them away from my ghost site, but also looks clunky from a user experience point of view.

I suppose there are data protection issues connected to this, but ultimately it would be a big benefit to me if the shipping address info was stored within the user account, where they could also update is. Having updates isn’t ideal via google docs because the result is two, or more, lines of data, ie the original address entered and then the updated one. I can obviously work through and check which is the most recent, but definitive address fields native to the Ghost site would be much better.

Doesn’t Stripe collect addresses when the user sets up their subscription? (It might be a setting you can turn on or off.) That might be the most straightforward?

Stripe does collect addresses, but only based on their existing billing data. This can differ from their preferred shipping address, or be out of date. For that reason it would be good for subscribers to be able to add and maintain their shipping details natively in their ghost account.