I am encountering a net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error when attempting to load posts. There is a significant delay, and at times, the post admin panel page fails to load. I have explored various discussions seeking a solution but have been unable to resolve the issue.

I am using Ghost with a fresh 1-click installation on Digital Ocean. I have recently added a DNS A record with my droplet’s IP. what are correct CloudFlare settings?

Try setting CloudFlare’s encryption mode to Full(Strict)

Hello Vikas garu,

I have switched it to full (strict) mode but am still encountering the issues.

I believe this might be a browser-related issue. There doesn’t seem to be any issue in the Edge browser, but both Opera and Chrome are still unable to load information about members in the dashboard. I have attempted to clear cookies and cache, but unfortunately, it has not resolved the issue.

Make sure you clear the browser’s page cache.

You might try waiting a few hours, because browsers’ handling of redirects can be weird

After clearing the browser’s cache and cookies, it started working.