Newbie Question - Modifying basic theme

Hi everyone,

Brand new to Ghost, I feel it’s the perfect fit for me but before using it more I’d like to confirm/understand a basic concept. I check quite a big chunk of the documentation but didn’t find the question which is partly git related I guess.

I am using clever-cloud as host so I followed this tutorial:

In order to add the Casper site to content/theme I had to do:

git submodule add casper

Now If I’d like to modify / customize this theme for me what is the best practice ? Shall I just modify my repo and push/merge to master or will my changes by always reset because I am using a submodule link ? Shall I remove this link and copy the casper repo directly and then modify it locally (but then I don’t get updates?)

Thanks a lot.

Typically you update themes by downloading them from the “Design” tab in your Ghost admin, editing the code, then re-uploading the ZIPped folder it into your Ghost admin.

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I would suggest checking the Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub Action as an option.

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