Newsletters fail to send

It’s been a while since I posted this thread and never got an answer.

Meanwhile I have been adding the contacts as a group to my gmail and forward the test email to these members.
Unfortunately when they click unsubscribe, the test email gets unsubscribed and not the person who it is sent to. So I would love to fix this.

How can I send newsletters to my members for free using a free plan?
I understand when I would have a lot of members I would need to pay for a service, but I have only 4 people wanting to receive mails at this moment, which is rather crazy to pay for a subscription.

I have added my mailgun information in the settings > Email newsletter in Ghost.
I have a free plan on mailgun. I have 4 subscribers.
Whenever a new member has subscribed or sending emails like a subscription confirmation do work and get delivered.
Test emails also work.
But sending out the email to my members doesn’t work and I get this:


Any help would be appreciated!

Mailgun offers a Flex plan where you have the first 1000 emails for free. You can find more details here
To get the Flex plan, you must upgrade to Foundation Trial (30 days trial). Within this period, you’ll be able to downgrade to the Flex plan. Mind you, you won’t see that you are on the Flex plan until your 30-day trial expires. Five days prior to downgrade you’ll see this notice in Plans & Billing section

While in the trial period, you’ll be able to set up your domain (or subdomain) and set SPF & DKIM records. That will prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder.

Hope this helps.

I never had the Foundation Trial, simply because I don’t have a credit card. With a bit of research I found that all the emails need to be authorized because I can only use a sandbox domain.
Long story short, I decided to request a credit card from my bank and try again with a new account, follow all the steps I need to do from the beginning and hopefully can get it to work.

One more question at this moment, when I downgrade to the Flex plan after the trial, will I keep my domain in mailgun or will it change to a sandbox domain?

You will use your domain, and configure DNS as part of the setup process.

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Okay guys, got my credit card in the mailbox and I have finally set up everything correctly.
And it works! Thank you all!

However one more question:
When the trial ends, does it automatically go for the free plan?
Or will it charge me for the 35$ plan? And if so, can I already change it now to the free plan?

Five days before the Foundation Trial ends you’ll see a notification, as you can see in my screenshot.
It won’t go back to the Free plan but to the Flex plan where you have 1000 emails per month for free. The switch to the Flex plan will not be charged so you’re good to go until the 1001st email in every month.


Alright thank you!!!