[Kinda Resolved] Test draft emails send, published posts fail to send to newsletter

Something changed with a recent Ghost update. Now, when I write a draft post and test email sending it works but when I publish the post and hit send to all recipients it fails with “Published but failed to send newsletter.” I have changed no settings and looking at my Mailgun quota there are no issues. Any suggestions for how to debug on a prod server?

I am runing…

Version: 5.86.2
Environment: production
Database: mysql8
Mail: SMTP (using Mailgun)

Update: Looking /ghost/content/[production error logs] and am seeing this:

“Mailgun Error 403: Domain [redacted] is not allowed to send large batches yet” I dunno why this is happening all of a sudden. Perhaps switching my DNS host from Porkbun > Cloudflare caused an issue or growing my newsletter a tiny bit hit a quota. Either way, I’ve emailed mailgun for assistance since this is clearly not a ghost issue.

It is a MAJOR DRAG that Ghost users are stuck using Mailgun. First off, Mailgun has been sold to a company who is now offering way worse service. Second, I am stuck in some ridiculous situation where I can’t send email now until the email gods at mailgun bless my account. Thankfully I don’t run anything important on this site but if I did this would be insanely upsetting. It’s already a huge waste of time. Darn shame this is the only email provider we can use…If folks know how to use ANYTHING else please let me know.

TL;DR I believe it might be time to reconsider whether Ghost.org can support more than just Mailgun for sending newsletters. They seem to disable accounts without providing any information or a way to contest the decision. I suspect this might be due to my newsletter being on a free Flex account, which might no longer be offered or is hidden, but I can’t confirm this.

I’ve been using Mailgun for the past year with a self-hosted version of Ghost.org. I even wrote a simple self-hosted Ghost GCP installer with Mailgun support and posted it on GitHub: GitHub - danielraffel/gcloud_ghost_instancer: A user-friendly script designed to install Ghost on a Google Cloud free-tier E2-Micro instance.

Recently, I was surprised to find out that my Mailgun account “has been permanently disabled.” I haven’t done anything obviously wrong; I send a few emails per month to a very small list. I can’t find a way to contest or re-enable my account. Support is “unable to fully disclose specific reasons behind this action.” I’m at a loss for what happened. They never even told me there was an issue, I just noticed emails weren’t sending in the Ghost admin interface.

As you know, Ghost requires users to sign up and verify their email address to receive emails. I’ve never added anyone manually (except for myself). Given what happened to me, I think more users will want the option to add alternate email senders. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t currently an option or on the Ghost roadmap. I suggest reconsidering this, as it appears that Mailgun may be applying “growth hack” behaviors and cutting previous offerings.