Node version Surface Pro X

Hi, I am trying to do a local install of Ghost on my Surface Pro X and I get the following issue:

√ Checking system Node.js version - found v20.12.2
√ Checking current folder permissions
√ Checking memory availability
√ Checking free space
√ Checking for latest Ghost version
√ Setting up install directory
× Downloading and installing Ghost v5.82.2
A SystemError occurred.

Message: Ghost v5.82.2 is not compatible with the current Node version. Your node version is 20.12.2, but Ghost v5.82.2 requires ^18.12.1

Debug Information:
OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home, v10.0.22635
Node Version: v20.12.2
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.26.0
Environment: development
Command: ‘ghost install local’

It’s saying it can’t install as I am using a later version of Node but its still a version higher than needed. So I am a little lost. I am on a Pro X ARM device, so not sure if that would be causing issue?

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Ghost is pretty specific about this. Node.js 18 is supported – anything above or below that not.

See here:

Try installing Node.js 18, then it should work :slight_smile:

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Darn. Don’t think I can do that. Node v18 isn’t compatible on ARM architecture from what I can tell. Was hoping 20 on ARM would do the trick

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I am pretty unfamiliar with Windows, since I mainly work on unix-based systems, but it looks like there is an unofficial build:

People also regularly suggest WSL2 for Windows users:

Not entirely sure whether that is possible on a Surface :upside_down_face:

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If you really want to try Ghost with node20, you can force the CLI to listen to you… for future folks, don’t do this for prod :stuck_out_tongue:

# Applies to command prompt - powershell is different
ghost install local

I got the same error even with ignore-engines and I don’t really know enough of what I am doing to make the unsupported Node v 18 on ARM work. Would’ve really loved for the ignore-engines to work though

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Thanks for trying, I updated the comment with a different option - can you try it? Too many tools :sweat_smile:

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