Notion to Ghost - Twitter Embeds not working

Hey there!

I’ve followed a tutorial (this one on how to set up a notion database posting to ghost site and it’s done 90% of the stuff I need!

However I can’t get twitter embeds in iframe or website bookmark embeds to appear on ghost.

I did manage to get twitframe to work after the post was published
but i really want to make everything in notion and then automatically upload everything to ghost.

Would anyone know how to get Notion embeds to work with ghost?
I’ve tried to include it in an HTML function and also an HTTP module but no luck.

Any advice would be awesome thanks!

Twitter’s new gating of how many posts you can view has broken a lot of integrations, unfortunately!

Given reported chaos at Twitter, if there is content you want your users to reliably see, you might want to either screenshot it or copy it in. You can link the original, but embedding the original leaves you open to account deletions and API changes breaking your page…

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