Numerous CORS errors on self hosted Ghost installation ( Digital Ocean )

Hi everyone,

I’m running Ghost within a Digital-Ocean droplet.
I want all www-Traffic to be redirected to non-www-pages, so I successfully added the necessary nginx-redirects. So far, so good.
Now, all of the subscription / API calls do not work anymore. Are these hard-coded to be www.-requests? Why does someone want to do that?
Anyway - I need help with this and I hope that there’s better option instead of giving manually each of these requests access - including the portal.

Thanks in advance

Make sure the url configured in Ghost (ghost config get url) matches with what your primary domain will be :slight_smile:


Fun fact: I had the same idea at the same time. And yes - that was the issue. I couldn’t find another explanation for my problem because the nginx-configuration already was correct and the test run was valid. Anyway - thanks a lot for the immediate help.

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