Orange - The Ultimate Ghost CMS Theme for Stunning Typography and Fast Performance

Orange is a meticulously designed Ghost CMS theme that revolutionizes how you present your content. With its focus on captivating typography and effortless customization, Orange empowers you to create a truly unique and visually stunning website that engages your audience from the moment they land on your page. Take your content to the next level with Orange and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Key Features:

1. Unleash the Power of Typography:

  • Choose from a vast selection of over 50 font pairs, allowing you to find the perfect combination that reflects your brand’s personality.


  • Captivate readers with beautifully rendered typography that enhances the readability and impact of your content, making each word resonate.

2. Effortless Customization:

  • Customize your website easily using the extensive range of custom settings in the Ghost Admin panel.



  • Say goodbye to coding hassles as you tailor your website’s appearance to suit your unique style and preferences.

3. Engaging Subscription Options:

  • Seamlessly integrate a subscription form or a call-to-action button with any link to effortlessly grow your audience and foster deeper connections.


4. Intuitive Navigation:

  • Enhance user experience with the option to display infinite pagination, allowing readers to effortlessly explore your content without interruption.

  • Alternatively, provide a button link to the “All Articles” page, ensuring easy access to your complete collection.

5. Flexible Post Display:

  • Tailor the presentation of your posts by choosing between displaying post excerpts or showing the top subscribe form.

6. Streamlined Image Gallery:

  • Enjoy the freedom to disable the lightbox image gallery popup, providing a seamless and distraction-free reading experience for your audience.

7. Unparalleled Performance:

  • Experience lightning-fast loading times, as Orange prioritizes typography and minimizes the reliance on heavy images.

Desktop Performance:

Mobile Performance:

  • Enjoy a website that not only looks stunning but also delivers an exceptional browsing experience for every visitor.

GTMetrix Scores:

8. Image Optimization:

  • Automatically convert images within your posts to optimized webp or avif formats, ensuring the highest quality visuals while minimizing load times.
  • Rest assured that your images will be displayed flawlessly on any device, with Orange generating the optimal image size based on the user’s screen resolution.

9. Play with colors:

  • You can easily change the background and text color. Possibilities are endless.

Orange Colors

10. Extensive Documentation:

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