Order by featured posts in Home Page


hi guys

how to change loop.hbs with this result:

  1. havin’ a list of all post (10 for page)
  2. havin’ featured post by first
  3. then other posts
  4. all order by data (ASC)


I’ve tried many solutions but no one is correct.

Important: I have a ghost-hosting solution, not self-host.


Hi @giTron, your question isn’t really clear.

I assume you’re trying to change the display order of the default collection in routes.yaml?


Maybe post some examples of what you changed that didn’t work and then someone can guide you to a solution.


Tnx for your answer Hannah.

I try to explain with an example


There are 50 posts:

  • 23 are featured posts
  • 27 are not-featured posts
  • pagination: 10 posts for page


Example of an output posts listing, in the home page, with pagination:

page 1: 10 featured posts
page 2: 10 fetured post
page 3: 3 featured post and 7 not-featured post
page 4: 10 not-featured post
page 5: 10 not-featured post

  • Featured posts are ordered by date ASC
  • Notfeatured posts are ordered by date ASC


I’ve tried many solutions but no one is correct.

What have you tried?

Have you read the documentation that I linked you to?