Order posts by primary tag

Question: Do you plan to allow the possibility to order posts by primary tag?

Context: We are using posts for site organization and we were searching for options to sort them by information that is not visible for the user. The idea is that this order may change in the future. What seemed the closest solution was to use internal tags for linking the posts and sort by the primary tag (for example #1, #2, #3, ā€¦).

We checked:

More Details: We are building multi-level hierarchy with ghost: https://datascientyst.com/.

The idea is to order post by:

  • primary tag
  • custom field

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Where I can find the Ghost Roadmap and more specifically about:

// Note: at the moment primary_tag is a computed field,

Are there any plans in near future primary_tag to become stored field.
Iā€™m interested also in:

  • major changes related to tags in near future
  • contribution to such tasks - is there some way to contribute for such change?


Did you solve this or did you find a workaround yet?