Page template throwing 404 error

Hi there,

I haven’t found anyone having a similar problem in this forum or on google, so let me explain.

I created a template for an About page. Followed the documentation to the letter. I have a file in /mytheme/page-about.hbs and I added the About link to the admin panel as http://localhost:2368/about/ (which is generated in {{navigation}} in my template).

When I click on the navlink about it throws a 404 error. Am I missing something here?

You have two options for creating custom pages in Ghost:


Dynamic pages would still use content created and managed via the editor.

You have a page-about.hbs template, but for it to be rendered, you need to create and publish a page that has the match about slug. Once that’s done, the page will appear.

  1. Static

Static pages use only a template by default, unless you explicitly wire up data.

For this, you’d need to ad the associated entry in your routes.yaml file.

Thanks for the swift reply Hannah,

I’ve figured both ways out that you linked and they are working. It would be a solution to my problem. Especially the static page that I could link in the routes.yaml.

I am wondering though why this section is not working for me.

It seems that this solution would be the easiest but my Ghost is not picking up my page-:slug.hbs templates.

Adding a template on it’s own is not enough. The handlebars theme documentation you are linking to is telling you how to create a custom template for a dynamic page, as opposed to just using the page.hbs template. The page has to exist for it to work.