Paid Ghost support

This forum support thing does not work. I barely get any response. I can’t run my business like this. Any pro ghost users or companies that deploy and troubleshoot ghost issues that I could pay a monthly fee to help resolve my issues?

I run a retainer plan. Ghost Personal Assistant on Retainer

But…, most of the problems you’ve posted have been self hosting problems. It’d be cheaper to sign on for ghost pro, unless your member count is huge.


Wow, you’re not cheap. I mean usually if I pay for a service I pay around 20-30 bucks and can get good support.
I wanted to get ghost pro but they told me they might censor me due to my controversial topics. So they recommended me to go with self hosting.

Cathy’s pricing for this retainer is a great deal. She knows Ghost inside and out.

And Ghost(Pro) not hosting you because of your controversial topics isn’t censorship. That’s them exercising their right to decide what kind of content violates their content policy.

You are free to self-host or find someone else to host you that has a different content policy.


Maybe a good deal for you but not for me. There are dev guys who are happy to help me for much less.

And perhaps you are not sure what censorship is, but yes, that’s pre-censorship. If I was to sign up they would be censoring me.

Sounds like you should hire them! Have a great day.


Yes, I just wanted to see if there is a retainer based option.