Permission issues on digital ocean droplet

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Latest version


Installed using the ghost droplet auto install

This is the 3rd time I have had to create a new droplet - so the site is currently offline

after waiting for the new droplet ip to populate, I log in via putty - the script automatically runs - I then go to my website and finish off the setup adding the site name and admin info.

I upload my site theme and reimport my data - when I try to upload an image I get EACCES: permission denied, copyfile.

I have not edited any of the permissions nor have I added another account, I have read numerous posts some suggesting ghost was installed as root (I have no idea the script runs) some suggest changing various folder permissions for ghost:shost, ghost-mgr:ghost-mrg and root:root as soon as I alter permissions I get a new error Message: Systemd process manager has not been set up or is corrupted.

and then my ghost stops working I get a 500 error on the server because ghost is not running when I try to start ghost I get another error.

Why is it so difficult to get ghost running with the correct permissions?

Should I create a droplet and then run the ghost install myself as there seems to be an issue with the script used on digital ocean as far as permissions go.

Or am I supposed to do something after, that I have missed?