Pin featured post at the top

I thought that featuring a post will stick it to the top but no! The latest post takes over the top space. Why? How can I change this behavior and fix what’s featured to the top?

If/how featured posts are used is up to the theme you’re using.


So how do I make my theme do this? I’m using casper

@barnabynagy I don’t know about Casper specifically, but have you tried using the routes.yaml “order” property?

For example, this is the one I distribute with my Weblog theme:


    permalink: /{slug}/
      - index
    order: featured desc, published_at desc

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

See: Ghost Themes - Dynamic URLs & Routing

You should be able to search for routes.yaml from your admin panel, download your existing one, make a backup copy, and then try putting this content in and uploading it and see if it does it. If it doesn’t work, revert.

This approach should work for Casper:

I’m not that technical… Can’t I just add a code injection?