Possible to check for local or prod in helpers?

I am looking for something like this - debug code to only run on Local, not production

{{#is "local" }}

… a very confused PerplexityAI says it should work, but… it doesn’t.

Any ideas on how to check on local/prod using Handlebars / helpers?
Tx /magnus

From my recollection, Ghost doesn’t make the environment available to themes

Thanks @vikaspotluri123 - plan B, @RyanF - you made the great video on Ghost debug and {{log}} helper - any ideas on how to kick docker-Ghost into debug mode? I GTFM googled-the-*****-manual and asked the Llama, still lost.

Sorry, strike that, Perplexity70b had the answer after some prompt-wrangling:
GHOST_DEBUG: true in docker compose environment: . All good.

…and even if -d daemonized the Ghost debug shows up in Docker desktop log viewer.


I don’t think GHOST_DEBUG actually does anything

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