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I’m looking for some help with a design tic that I need to address that has to do with the partials of post.card.

The capital letters that I implement using the post.card feature requires me to have more space however the unique punctuation that I use does not allow me to implement any sort of marker to achieve space. When I extend the amount of spaces the code does not register on the site:

For instance:
‘=’ denote spaces
(=X _ SURVEY=) registers the same as (==X _ SURVEY==)

The extra space on the second example does not register.

Is there any way of utilizing an invisible symbol to occupy the space there so that I can utilizing the proper spacing needed for my design template. Or is there a way to register the extra space that I am not aware of.


Is this not something that CSS is designed for? To adjust presentation? Would you be able to provide a screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve?

So I could be wrong about this…

But if you see the tag ’ X_SURVEY’ - I should require a greater degree of spacing on the margins because it feels a little closed in. I could use brackets to achieve spacing- however that doesn’t work within the general theme. All I would really need to do was to employ a single space stroke on either end.

However, spaces aren’t registering on the formatter.

This is definitely a CSS issue! You need to add some padding to the element with the border. If you share the link to your site, someone will probably tell you exactly what code to use as well :slight_smile:


So I just need a little extra spacing where ‘X _ S U R V E Y’ is…

Something like this would sort it out:

.post-visibility {
  padding: 4px 8px;
  display: inline-block;

If you’re placing this into the code injection area within the admin you’ll need to wrap it in <style>...</style> :+1:

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Am I supposed to insert that within this segment?

I tried your suggestion using code injection to no effect:

Annotation 2020-01-29 144220

Still not sure what’s wrong. I’m fairly new to coding.

Are you trying to insert this into your theme or the coffee injection area in the site settings?

code injection*, just to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

However yes please to coffee injection :coffee:


Clearly the heat and lack of coffee has affected me. :rofl:

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I’m trying to add it to my theme.

Just had my coffee. (Smiley face)

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What am I supposed to do with this ^

Am I supposed to insert here?

You can place it in the code injection like you did before:

However you missed the dot before post-visibility


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