Post Content load extrem slow on subpages


maybe someone can help me. I have the following problem I load all posts on the home site in a Masonary Grid layout. This works fast and does not cause any problems.

On the post detail site I load all images into a slider. Below the sliders I want the content to be visible as a Masonary Grid from the start page. This all works as well.
But unfortunately extremely slow. Why does it work so fast on the start page and not on the sub pages?

<section class="all-projects hide-mobile hidden">
    {{#get "posts" limit="all" include="tags"}}
    <div class="grid-content">
        {{#foreach posts }}
        {{> post_card}}

I think the problem lies somewhere in this {{#get “posts” limit=“all” include=“tags”}}. The start page (index.hbs) is very fast. On the index.hbs I can load the posts without "get “posts…” loop. Is there another possibility for Subpages (post.hbs)?

  • Ghost Version: 3.35.4
  • Node.js: 12.18.0
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fast Xeon CPu and 32 GB of Ram