Post offset in Ghost

Hi! I like to know if the post offset is possible in ghost, and if it is, then how? Like when I get first five posts, I like to add a CTA between and then continue the posts from the sixth ( first five above the cta, and continue from the sixth post after the CTA).

Hey @andy01,

You’d might like to use limit and from attribute of {{#foreach}} helper to achieve this. More info here.

{{#get "posts"}}
  {{#foreach posts limit="5"}}

  {{#foreach from="6"}}

Or you could also use a combination of {{#has}} helper and number data variable inside the loop. More info here.

{{#foreach posts}}
  {{#has number="6"}}

Thank you @minimaluminium , since I am new to the Ghost Platform, I was confused about the concepts in Theme Development documentation. But can you please explain the difference between {{#foreach}} helper and the {{#has}} helper, like when to use which?

Those helpers are different from each other and one doesn’t replace the another. The both solutions above use {{#foreach}} helper.

{{#foreach}} - Loop helper which is used for iterate over a list of posts

{{#has}} - This is similar to {{#if}} helper which allows testing conditionals. The difference is it can test more than boolean, number data variable in this case.


Oh, I get it now, Thanks for you help!

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