PrismJS copy-to-clipboard error

Ok thanks for the clarification, I also knew that it is always better to use fewer external links.
I read somewhere (perhaps some performance site) that it is not convenient to create js / css files that are too long, it is better to use several but shorter ones.
Do not you agree?

Thanks for letting me know. It will not happen again.

Hope I could be of any help.

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Where did you read this? I would bundle them into single files that are minified, that way they are at their smallest size and they can be cached by the browser.

@DavidDarnes it was pingdom or gtmetrix, i dont remember atm. I’ll let you know if i find it.

@gregpozo I appreciate that you have changed the answer. I noticed that you forced the publication of your site. Mine was just advice, not criticism.


No worries. Maybe I misinterpreted your point.

I use prismjs as well with a modified okaidia theme, so I just wanted to use it as reference. Thank you for the advice.

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