Privacy & Cookies Notification Bar

Hi, do you guys know how to add a privacy cookies notification bar to let the visitors know we are using cookies on the Ghost site? Many thanks!

I can’t Assure you that is this GDPR compliant or not but you can try this.
Visit this link.
He had created a very small size cookies notification.

Grab the entire code and add it in the Code injection page of your dashboard in site footer box.
See if it works or not.

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Worked perfectly. I didn’t even need to restart ghost! Thanks so much @GBJsolution!

Hello, currently it’s not GDPR compliant

As I have mentioned before. I am not sure about GDPR compliant. But here I have tried to show the implementation process.
There are lots of third party as well as opensource solution for these and most of theme provide all in one code package to just copy and paste. One can grab which one looks appropriate and add that via code injection.