Private, fulltext RSS feeds for Paid Members

Hey everyone, Jason here from 404 Media. We’ve been trying to figure out how to offer our subscribers individual, full-text RSS feeds that can see behind paywalls and email registration walls, and is tied to their member status (i.e. the feed expires if a user unsubscribes). This is common for premium podcasts but less so for text websites.

After much searching we realized that this does not exist for Ghost, so we paid FeedPress and Outpost to build it for us. They will now offer the same integrations to other Ghost users. More details here:


For those interested, the Outpost portion controls memberships (adding, notifying, and removing), while FeedPress handles the creation of the feed, the individual urls, and monitoring for leakage. This integration requires a paid account with FeedPress.

When people sign up to the specified tier(s), Outpost tells FeedPress to create the individualized url. We then notify users via an email, on your site on an Advanced Settings Page available when they login, or both.

There is also a variable for the RSS feed that is available to use in the usual Outpost welcome email to subscribers

The integration does not share user email addresses to FeedPress.


We’re working on adding this to Flaming Hydra lickety split!

Thanks so much @Jason404media & @rsingel (& 404 + Outpost) for building, sponsoring, and then publicly releasing this feature.

One bug on Feedpost’s end: the “Subscribe to Feed” popup doesn’t actually include the correct links with private key. However, subscribing (in at least) to my private URL (even though it’s an HTML page) does? Will have to dig in more, but suspect some folks will have issues copying the provided feed links, as they just lead to, with no key.

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