Problems with Staff Priviledges

I’m hoping a ghost dev can address this:

  1. is Ghost never planning to support anyone besides admin creating pages?
  2. why doesn’t Ghost allow staff to see published pages that they can otherwise see on the internet - so they can compy its settings when they go to make their own similar pages?

It seems like the entire user system in Ghost is designed to work differently than I expected: needing a lot more help from the admin, and back-and-forth between the admin and the contributors, authors, and editors.

Another issue with #2 is you need to add a contributor’s or author’s name to a page in order for them to see it - even if they just need it as a reference for their own page. However, that causes another problem; they’re able to edit this page and it isn’t like the admin gets notifications about edited and unpublished pages.

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This appears to be not a bug but a feature request.

Ghost is documented that Contributors and Authors can only edit “posts”.

Why do you think it is acceptable to show a button that opens a page that is impossible to use - because all types of staff do not have access? There are so many reasons a headless CMS should be able to have users that can create pages. If “only admins can create pages” were the intention, then why would the implementation show the create page button to staff?

As I mentioned in the related Github issues: I agree with you. Either the “Add Page” UX shouldn’t be there if you can’t create pages, or those who can create posts should be able to create pages, too.

Well the obvious issue got shut down on github: Staff should be available as authors before first login · Issue #16875 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Amazing that they see no issue with staff being able to create pages and not save them. If all pages must be created by an admin before staff can do anything with them, then disable it all together. But that is probably just coping with the fact that some staff should be able to create pages / having an incoherent priv model.

The GitHub issue doesn’t say they are against the change, only that they want to track it as a feature request.

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