Publish some environment variables

In the front-end/client side/browser I need to use some variables what I would like to configure with server environment variables.

Is there any known solution to publish server environment variable so that I could use it in the front-end?

Can you explain the use case a little bit? What are the variables for?

In front-end I have calculator script what redirects client to other service. The redirect address needs to be configurable as the site/code will be deployed to multiple countries.

I resolved the problem like this:
I started to use webpack to bundle my javascripts and in webpack configuration I added:

plugins: [
    new webpack.DefinePlugin({
      'process.env': {
        EVENT_SERVICE: JSON.stringify(process.env.EVENT_SERVICE),
        COUNTRY: JSON.stringify(process.env.COUNTRY),

Ok cool seems like you’ve got it handled :+1:

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