Question -- possible to install TinyMCE?

Wondering if it is possible to install TinyMCE as the default editor?

The Ghost API will accept HTML input for the post body. TinyMCE creates HTML. So in principle, you could create the HTML in TinyMCE and then push it over to Ghost with the API. However, it’s potentially lossy unless you want to wrap it in a card (which leaves it as HTML instead of converting it to mobileDoc), according to these docs: Ghost Admin API Documentation

It’d be interesting to try!

Well, I played with it for a while, and apparently Ghost strips some HTML that is pasted in. But, some other HTML came through untouched. May play with it some more.

If a tool outputs HTML that Ghost winds up changing, I’m better off just writing the HTML I want in the first place.

Does it strip the HTML you want even if you put it in an HTML card (see documentation linked above)? If not, that might be a route to use TinyMCE, but it’d mean that posts made with TinyMCE were only easily editable with TinyMCE…

Yes, strips out the HTML I enter into an HTML card – IF I paste it in. If I hand-enter it, I seem to able to get what I want. But that was the reason I was interested in TinyMCE or some other editor that would create HTML – I get tired of having to hand-code HTML to get what most editors do for you in the GUI.

That’s weird. I’d have thought it’d let you paste into an HTML card without messing up the HTML, since HTML in an HTML card isn’t supposed to get meddled with.

I was wondering about using TinyMCE to generate HTML that then goes into Ghost via the API, rather than pasting it in. Sort of an alternate route to making a post, if the functionality of TinyMCE is preferable to the native Ghost editor for some use cases…

I spent some time fiddling with Tiny MCE. Installed it in a stand-alone web page and got it to work. But, I realized that while there is a free version, it is pretty limited. All the functionality I was looking for is available through plugins, which you have to pay for. Since one of my reasons for using Ghost is to lower my costs, I’ve decided to just keep writing HTML for what I need, and using an external table tool and other external tools. Shame to have to do that; perhaps at some point the Ghost folks will upgrade the editor.