Redirect to external domain

I’m pretty sure redirects.json supported redirecting to external domains in the past. Anyway, being able to redirect a page to another domain (with path) would be a great feature. In my case, I have “promoted” some blog posts to official help documents on my documentation site (another subdomain). In this case, I simply want the blog posts to redirect to the documentation site. Since redirects.json only supports relative links and when I cannot access a .htaccess file or similar, there is no way for me to redirect the requests.

Given that Ghost Blog doesn’t currently support canonical_url, this is an especially important feature. I’ve seen requests for canonical_url before, but no real response in terms of whether or not it’s coming down the pipe. I just tried using redirects.json to point to an external site, and it results in a 404.

Voting for this feature, as this is a pretty serious feature gap for me.

@ThomasArdal ability to redirect to external URL’s has landed in latest Ghost 2.19.2 release:

@bhilburn canonical_url support has also been added since 2.18.1 ;) (first released in a little buggy 2.17.0)