Redirecting to external url

Is there any way that using redirect.json we can redirect a URL to another external URL?
for example:
I want to to redirect to “

Not sure that you can use redirect.json, this is a workaround script on code injection on page/post window.location.href = "";

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Yes, here’s a thread with a list of different examples:

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Thanks, But I tried it, it’s not working…
I used it like this:
“from”: “/youtube/” ,
“to”: “/$1”,
“permanent”: true

The to url should look like this:

"to": "" - no preceding / or $1

btw, when you’re pasting config files, if you surround them with 3 backticks, it’ll be easier for other people to read :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, I also tried that, but with out those also not working,
my redirect is like this:


but it goes to a URL like this:

Does this happen in incognito as well? If you tried with an incorrect redirect, sometimes your browser will remember for a few hours

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No in incognito it’s ok, thanks for the input.