Responsive image generation failing since upgrade to v3

Instead of generating resized images ‘on request’ to support responsive image sizing, Ghost is returning a HTTP 302 temporary redirect to the original image, for all new images that I’ve tried uploading since upgrading to ghost v3 recently.

For example, if I try opening:

… then Ghost sends a 302 redirect response to:

This one works. It was generated by on older version of ghost (v2.38.1 I think).

I’m using version 3.17.1.

Any help figuring out what’s wrong would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

In case it helps anybody else, I narrowed it down to ‘sharp’ module installation failing.

Given that my blog was running on a crusty old Raspberry Pi 2, rather than putting the effort into fixing sharp, I used the opportunity/excuse to move my site to a new amd64 based Ubuntu 18.04 VM and it’s now much quicker - and responsive images work again. :slight_smile: