Responsive image sizes

Optimise your site performance with responsive images and display image content at the best size across your publication

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Great news!

This is my Before and After Ghost 2.9/Casper 2.8 —

No more «Properly size images» waring in google. Reduced «Time to interaction».

Amazing, since Ghost 0.8 dreamed of this feature. Unfortunately, I currently use Amazon S3 and Imgix, with the goal of having a better performance.

I sincerely prefer to use the native feature of Ghost, but in your documentation, I just saw that it is not compatible with the third-party storage adapter.

is there going to be something for this in the future or do you recommend storing the images on the server as I did before?

Maybe this can help?

Thank you very much for your answer.

But I was referring to Responsive image sizes compatibility with Amazon S3.
Currently, if I occupy Ghost + Amazon S3 Integration.

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