Routes vs a Gatsby frontend


I am setting up a Ghost blog to manage a magazine with the following architecture:

  • a static page section with the traditional home, and about section with sub-section,
  • a way to display all posts with a primary tag: videos / podcast ==> i am using collections
  • a way to display posts that are filtered according to themes (geography, science, etc) ==> i am using channels with tags filters.

To add, i am trying to assess the impact of a multi language sites. I have taken my bet on the basis of the Ghost documentation.

Ideally, I would like to have posts filtered by tags inside a broader category. In the below, posts are filtered on the basis of the primary tag: geography and then can be filtered on the basis of the tags.

Question: On the History channel below, i am wondering what is the best way to display posts according to an historic timeline rather than ascending/descending order (based on post publication date for instance). I am assuming i should design a static page for each timeline i want to have.

Question: In general, is the below routes.yaml serve the purpose described above.
I am not expecting your details answer but that you point me out on the proper way to implement dynamic routing.

Sorry for the lengthy email and thanks for any help,

      /: home
      /about/about/: about
        template: about
      /about/team/: team
        template: team
      /about/contact/: contact
        template: contact
      /about/Partners/: partners
        template: partners
      /about/guidelines/: guidelines
        template: guidelines

        controller: channel
        filter: primary_tag:geography+tag:[europe,asia,africa]
        controller: channel
        filter: tag:column+primary_tag:science
        controller: channel
        filter: tag:[now,before,after]
        controller: channel
        filter: tag:column+primary_author:editorauthor

        permalink: /{slug}/
        template: index
        filter: 'tag:-de', 'tag:-es'
        permalink: /de/{slug}/
        filter: 'tag:de'
        permalink: /es/{slug}/
        filter: 'tag:es'
        permalink: /articles/{slug}/
        template: articles
        filter: primary_tag:articles
        permalink: /videos/{slug}/
        template: videos
        filter: primary_tag:video
        permalink: /podcast/{slug}/
        template: podcast
        filter: primary_tag:podcast

      tag: /tag/{slug}/
      author: /author/{slug}/