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After creating the searchinghost library, I felt something was missing for non-developper and non-designer people. I though it would be great to have a solution that any Ghost user could install on its own blog. That’s why I decided to start a brand new project…

SearchinGhostEASY helps you to install a search bar by only using the Ghost administration interface, zero code needed! It is a convinent, real quick and super easy way to install a search bar to your blog. No need to worry about theme design, it comes with everything built-in and works with all Ghost themes (casper, massively, nubia, …).

How to install it ? Follow these 3 steps and you are done!

If you have any question, remark or improvement that comes into your mind, please let me know in the comments :smiley:


Nice work!

Thanks @inoryum! Did you try it on your own ? I made it installed by few friends but I am looking for more feedbacks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, excellent work. I’m not going to installed it any time soon, but I started it for when I need it, that will be my to go search

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Not yet but i will definitely use it in my upcoming theme…

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This is awesome! Got search up and running in no time and looks great!
Using Casper theme 3.0.12
Injected a search icon with searchinghost-easy as href in the code injection panel - instead of modifying the hbs.
The only issue is that on mobile the menu stops scrolling (horizontally) - on both Safari and Firefox for mobile. On one instance, scrolling actually became unresponsive across the entire page.

Hi @danhi, thank you for the review! I did not notice for the scrolling issue on mobile, I will check that today or tomorrow.

About the injection of icon (instead of a word), could you explain me how you did that to report this in the README? (please send me a PM so we can talk about it)

The issue found by @danhi is now solved, it was only impacting iOS devices.

To fix it, you can update the version used in the URL with ‘1.0.2’ or simply remove the version reference to always be up to date. Everything is described in the README.

Thank to @danhi, I also added information in the Q&A section to explain how to easily use a search icon using jQuery.

I anyone else found a bug or something to improve, please leave a comment! :smiley: