Search made simple - SearchinGhostEASY

Hi @andrewdefries,

I am not quite sure of your issue root cause but if you are using the default parameters, you should probably set the minimum number of parameters. For example, copy and paste the following in your footer script section :

<script src=""></script>
    new SearchinGhostEasy({
        contentApiKey: '<CONTENT_API_KEY>', // do not forget to replace this with your own key
        debug: true

Then, if nothing shows up, go to your browser console to see if anything is logged :wink:

Generally, on mobile device, the issue comes from local storage and cache. Try from a “private browsing” tab to see if it works.


I pasted your code with my cotent api key and private browsing on mobile did not fix this.

As I mentioned previously the search function is not coming through on my mobile Android Chrome browser. Works just great on desktop!

Does the search work for you on mobile?


Persistence: Sometimes a search result on a common term will return 10 or more results as everything on my site ( shares a common topic. I click on one result, it’s not what I want. I’ve opened a new page and the search has been cleared. I then need to re-enter the search term. Persistence would mean the last search term was pre-populated and the search would be done again without requiring user input. Saving time. This should probably be a configuration option.

A nice UI/UX refinement would be to add a “clear this search” icon/function in the search text box.

I would recommend talking to the FlexSearch people about adding sort options. Sometimes I want to know the oldest result, sometimes the newest – and so “relevance” is not relevant to me. I know the post date is in the result – but it’s a pretty heavy cognitive burden to read through every result for the oldest/newest article when there are many.

@inoryum let’s discuss tuning the search parameters when all the new articles are added – and adding the tag to the search results template.