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I’m writing a Blog about everyday questions abou law (I’m an austrian lawyer).

Unfortunately, it’s currently in german only.



Recoded JustGoodThemes paid theme to suit our branding + extra features:

Couple of things on the addition list:

  1. Want to add a good search.
  2. Add /tag/members area so they can read only the membership posts.

Hi my website is related to popup design insperation archive.
Nice Popups


Use @gmfmi Search easybar.

Check its there.


Hi! I’m blogging about investing and self-improvement at and I’m using a modified version of Lyra.


Issue with your ssl?

perhaps goto your ghost install folder, /var/www/ghost or where ever you installed it and run

ghost setup ssl

then will visit again to check it out.
I had similar issues, resolved now, some good advice from ghost staff on how to get the www and direct address going to https://yoururl.ext

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Nice site :+1:

Haha thanks for replying, I created an incorrect link. It should be . Sorry for anyone that clicked the wrong link. I’ve deleted my previous reply.

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Mine is a movie download website although I am new.

My personal blog (in swedish) where I mostly post photos and the occasional blogpost.

Theme is a custom built theme made specifically to highlight my photos.

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Just launched a Ghost directory… running on Ghost of course :relaxed:

It’s running a very simple custom theme, hosted on Digital Ocean.


Just cant go wrong with casper.
I love the way the menu area becomes post tittle being read after a screen+ scroll.
Its a great site, the site is ghost as well?


Yeah Casper is definitely a great starting point. I’ve slowly been adding features to it such as syntax highlighting and search. I’ll be adding some more features very shortly too to make it more personal.

By site you mean If so then no, the main domain is hosted on Netlify using Gridsome which has worked really well. My blog is hosted with Ghost Pro and I’ve loved the simplicity and worry free hosting.

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I used a customized theme based on London.

Hello, I went online last week with a custom Gatsby website. The Ghost instance lives solely on my localhost. If you need any help with a similar setup, don’t hesitate to @ me.

I’m still refining the bilingual content experience. The code is open source and avilable on github.

Here’s my blog, All Your Code Are Belong To Us, using a custom built theme (used Casper as a starting base), hosted on not officially supported CentOS :wink:

We create extension cards and themes for Ghost.


Hello guys, this is my blog about stock market in Croatia .
Right now I am using casper theme with little modifications.

After using a modified version of the Casper theme for the last year, we’ve finally got around to redesigning our blog from scratch!

I’d already posted my blog here last November, but since then it’s changed a fair bit.

Including a revamped home page:

Please have a look: