What do you blog about and what creative things have you achieved with your site?

Hello Ghost-folk,

I was an early adopter of blogging and WP, but became disillusioned about 7 years ago and have simply avoided the scene. It seems every WP site needs to be a blog-based business run by an influencer with 100 brand partnerships, no matter the topic!

So I am loving the Ghost community - the blogs I find, and the helpfulness in these forums, is refreshing.

I have been tinkering with theme development, and looking at some to purchase, but I am really looking for some inspiration. And hope the general topic here is a suitable place to ask.

It seems many Ghost blogs I find are from folks within the tech community. I’m keen to hear what you write about (and have been through past ‘share your blog’ posts, but keen to see some 2020 updates) and your observations of the Ghost writer community as well. For those using the platform for some time, have you seen many changes (in terms of types of sites using it)?

Many Ghost sites seem to use Casper and so have a similar look (not that its a problem). Has anyone seen or implemented a really cool design in a Ghost theme, or using Ghost headless with another front-end system?

Thank you John and team for your creation. I feel enthused to write again, and look forward to hearing from the community.

Cheers, Kate



I have multiple blogs in Ghost, but my two main ones are:

Here i blog in spanish about technology.


Here i blog solely about Ghost - Tips, Tricks & Themes.

In both blogs i try to implement my own brand. Hope it serves you as inspiration.

I absolutely love your Ghost Portal site, the design is so good and I’ve been reading through all your posts! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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@kater what a terrific, well-articulated discussion-starter!

I own hundred of domain names which I have been collecting for more than 20 years. I use them for my own personal canvases, where I build and test and visualize all of my crazy (and not-so-crazy) ideas for business ventures, online billboards, online platforms, new web tools and techniques, themes, scripts, coding, etc., etc., etc.

I refer to the whole tool set of (virtual and physical) kit-and-kaboodle as my “Learning Studio” because that is really what it amounts to. I think most every geek has one in some shape or form.

My bat-cave includes a professional music and sound recording studio, and semi-pro video production equipment, as well as a diverse collection of PCs, MACs, and a wide range of multimedia production and editing software.

I have so much fun geeking out with all of my tools and toys, that sometimes actually writing and producing content (my goal in the beginning) can get lost in the learning and excitement!

I dug deep into Wordpress a couple of years ago, after many years of developing sites on Drupal. Both of those platforms each have certain advantages for certain types of projects and clients.

But last year I got serious about starting on the empire I have long wanted to build upon my collection of domains. I needed to find something more efficient, nimble and flexible for moving around content and linking between my various sites and brands.

The Ghost platform fit my use case perfectly.

In addition, a robust and thriving community of developers and enthusiasts is a necessary component for me. Both Drupal and Wordpress are like big cities at this point, where Ghost has a more friendly, small town appeal for my needs.

Not sure if this answers your query or helps, but I’m happy to continue the conversation.

Thanks again for the topic!

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Hi @denvergeeks thank you for your considered reply! I had not come across Ghost-O-Matic yet so its bookmarked now and I’ll have a good read through later.

I absolutely agree in the ‘learning studio’ of these tools! I am now just getting back into tinkering after about 6 years - as I posted, I’d been an early adopter (started my first ‘blog’ on NYD 2000 once we were sure all the computers wouldn’t fall over with Y2K!) and with my ex had so many domains for a range of purposes. In the last few years though the web has powered ahead, it’s really incredible how much the tech has changed. For instance, I used to do awesome things with CSS but this CSS in Javascript gulp stuff is boggling. Ghost seems a great way to learn the modern web!

Honestly though reading blogs like yours (and the ones linked from the great 'share your blog url post) this community feels like where the web was meant to go. Maybe I’m being nostalgic for the past, or getting too old to keep up with things. So many of these sites are just normal people writing interesting things and sharing links… its nice!

Would love to hear more insights from you (and others) on how you use these tools. But for now I’ve got your blog to read and explore! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers, Kate

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I’m a website developer and I’m currently using Ghost to create tutorials and courses which you can see here. I’m also creating a membership website for my friend who is a yoga teacher using Ghost and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Thank you! It motivates me a lot!

@kater I’m tinkering with a lot of themes, but one I’ve been working on is pretty tricked-out with some out-of-the-box tweaks. I’m calling it “Poppery” because I’ve got different modes and buttons to play with that make things sort of “pop” around the screen. It also uses an isotope effect:

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