Simple email-subscribe mechanism for interested people of my blog?!

I’m running a selfhosted docker-ghost version 3.11.0 with Casper theme.

I’m looking for a simple mechanism to add a subsribe button at my blog so that people interested in my blog-content can subscribe. How to do this?


You’re in luck, our new Members beta feature does exactly that. Read more about it here:

Then check out our members documentation on how you can make your site members compatible:

Hope this helps! Any questions just ask :v:

Thank you for your answer. However I have a question regarding sending email. Is mailgun the only way to configure sending emails in ghost? My concrete problem is that I configured ghost currently with my “free plan” mailgun-account. Free means without fees. For this free plan a sandbox domain is assigned.
But sandbox domains are restricted to authorized recipients only. This is not very useful to register email addresses not known in advance. (I do not know my potential ghost subscribers…)
When I press the “Subscribe” button in ghost and type in a email address not know to mailgun I get an error message about a not valid email address…
My question: I host ghost by myself on a little server of my provider. Could I configure ghost in a way so that the SMTP-host of my provider is used?


Found a way: Here a example:

  - mail__transport="SMTP"
  - mail__from="Thomas XXX <>"
  - mail__options__service="1und1"
  - mail__options__host=""
  - mail__options__port="587"
  - mail__options__auth__user=""
  - mail__options__auth__pass="very_secret"

Here’s what I do with a provider that isn’t mailgun but offers SMTP.

  mail__transport                 = "SMTP"
  mail__options__service          = "<You can put any name here>"
  mail__options__host             = "<host>"
  mail__options__port             = "465"
  mail__options__auth__user       = "<login>"
  mail__options__secureConnection = true
  mail__options__auth__pass = "<secret>"

The docs are here:

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Subscription works now. But when I post a new blog-entry there is no automatic email sent to the subscribers. Do I need some extra action to achieve it?
What I found out is, that under “Newsletter” I see a warning:
“You need to configure Mailgun in [Labs → Members settings] to enable email newsletters.”

Hm, I want my own SMTP-provider and subscription works now this way. It should be also possible to send newsletters via this way…

So what is the status quo? Subscription can be done with custom/provider SMTP-email service. Newsletter sending is only possible with mailgun, right?

We highly recommend using Mailgun :smile:

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Yep, you convinced me ;-). I have an mailgun account now. Works. Thx!

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