Single login for staff who are also members

Right now staff and members are two entirely different things. It would be nice if staff could login as a member so they could see the restricted parts of a site.

You can give a complimentary subscription to your staff in the “Members” section.

No, you cannot do this. They are two separate entities. You have to add the Staff as a Member manually and then give them a complimentary subscription.

I think that is probably what @kiwi meant. The staff user would need to be added as a member/subscriber (and confirm their email address) and then following that step, you should be able to give them a complimentary subscription.

I see where you’re coming from, but I think there is a good reason to keep staff and members separate. I can think of cases where you might have contributors to your website (aka staff) who you don’t want to automatically give access to the highest or any paid subscription/membership tiers, or access to viewing all the content on your website.

Though I think what you might have in mind is granting a staff member an automatic base-level membership/subscription instead of having them sign up for it manually?

Which I don’t think is a bad idea, in that it seems to make sense and would be a little more convenient in many cases, but they would still need to take the step of confirming their wish to subscribe to the newsletter and transactional emails they would receive as a member. I think even sending them an email asking them to confirm their subscription as a “member” without them having pro-actively requested that subscription may not be entirely legal - however, I’m not a lawyer and I’m not at all certain about this.