Soft paywall for SEO

Hello everyone,

Can paying pages be referenced by Google ? If no, is it possible to change the Ghost paywall system to a “soft paywall” ?
I would like to have the 100 first words or character of my posts available to everyone so that it could be referenced from Google. Is it possible ?


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@leo.bourrel you can still set custom meta data for protected posts, and you can also expose the custom excerpt in your theme’s post.hbs so that it appears on your page to all visitors.

That might help you to rank — but you shouldn’t necessarily expect protected posts to rank. Publishers who rely on SEO as a growth channel tend to publish certain content publicly, and then protect premium content for their members.


Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but this was just launched a couple of days ago; an easy way to soft-paywall

I have no idea what the implications are for SEO though. But hope it helps

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Speaking of paywalled content and Google crawling I brought up a related issue a while ago here.