Feature request: members-only content need appropriate schema markup

Hi there,

Google makes it clear in no uncertain terms that “subscriptions and paywalled content” need specific structured data markup.

“This structured data helps Google differentiate paywalled content from the practice of cloaking, which violates our guidelines” - here.

It is my hope that at some point developers will have time and resources to address this issue.

Thank you so much for your work!

Wow. Put this on the GitHub because if this is true, it’s a major flaw and harmful. Members may have to a) be removed until fixed b) fixed immediately.

Are you certain Members data is not structured to support this?

Concerns about cloaking don’t apply because Ghost doesn’t put the whole post contents in the page and hide it via JS/CSS.

Members-only content in Ghost isn’t available publicly anywhere, even to search engines. Logged-out content is served exactly the same for visitors and search engines. The only way to see protected content is to be logged in as a member.

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Oh I wasn’t aware of that, that’s brilliant. Great, thank you -

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