Solo theme: Cover/Header image

Hey all,

I’m using the Solo theme at Is there a way to have cover/header image on subpages similar to the publication cover image on the front page? Also is there a way to make the publication cover image dynamic, and rotate through a set of different images?

Thanks in advance!

Would a GIF work for the second question? Does Ghost support GIFs?

The resolution of an animated gif wouldn’t work. Need to rotate through JPG or PNG files. Randomly. Used to be able to do this back in the day using CGI or Perl I think. Not sure how to do it on a Ghost site.

Changing the layout should be a straightforward edit to the theme, since you have an example that does what you want already. Are you able up edit the theme?

For rotating images, I’d write some JavaScript to accomplish that. You could use something like this:

An improvement would be using a gallery on a post or page to store the images, rather than hard coding them.