Solo theme - How to show a list of other posts in the sidebar?

I just installed Solo along with toc bot and it’s great!

But when reading a post there is only minimal cross-linking to other posts. There is only a “previous” and “next” arrow at the end of the post - these arrows don’t even show titles for the posts that are linked.

How can I show titles for these posts along with the arrows?

Or better yet, how can I add a sidebar module or other add-on to (either dynamically or explicitly) show other posts that a reader might want to see?



You can customize the theme to add these sections. We have a tutorial specifically on adding a read-next section that’ll give you most of what you need to do so.

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Wow thanks RyanF! This is a very helpful tutorial. I’m struggling to figure out where to add this code. I have added it to my post.hbs file but I am getting the Fatal Error: Templates must contain valid Handlebars (affected files: post.hbs The partial post-card could not be found)

Any help getting past this would be very much appreciated! I’m using the Solo theme.

You’ll need to adapt this tutorial to work with your own theme. In this case, the partial {{> "post-card"}} isn’t present in your theme and needs to be replaced.

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