Solo Theme Image

New here, thanks for any help.
I am using the Solo Theme.

I have reduced an image to 200x200 on my About page. When I go to my published site the image is huge and blurry What's going on here?

How can I correct this?
Thanks very much for your help

How did you make changes?

because this CSS pushes it to 100% width

.gh-article-image img {
  width: 100%;

I made them in the editor in the theme

Thank you for your reply…does this mean that there is no fix for the issue?

Most Ghost themes assume that they’re receiving an image big enough for any spot they’d like to use it in. So when you uploaded a very small (low resolution) image, it looks bad in that spot.

Something like this (in the page’s code injection spot, or site-wide) will avoid the image growth:

.gh-article-image img {
    object-fit: contain;
    width: unset;
    margin-left: auto; /* these two center the image - remove if desired*/
    margin-right: auto;
/* align captions to center, because they look weird otherwise:*/
figcaption {
   text-align: center;

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Thank you so much Cathy!
I’ll give it a try