Source Theme (Featured articles repeating in home)

I would like help with the new Source theme.
In Casper I had specified that in the “home.hbs” not to show the featured articles. In Source it does not work. Let me explain:
Source has a Featured section. Perfect. But in the “Latest” block they also appear again. How can I avoid it?
I have tried the following without success inside post-list.hbs file:

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Update: It seems to work with this code! it’s correct?

{{else match @custom.header_style "Magazine"}}
                        {{#match posts.length ">=" 7}}
                            {{#get "posts" include="tags,authors" filter="featured:false" limit="19"}}
                                {{#foreach posts from="8" limit="12"}}
                                    {{> "post-card" lazyLoad=true}}