Statistic Counter

Hi There!

I have been unsuccessfully trying to implement the following Statistic Counter >

Using Code Injection, what should be the procedure to make the code run while browsing the page?

Any guidance is much appreciated

Hey! Looks cool. Have you tried downloading the pen using the Export option in the bottom right? You might be missing the external dependencies it relies on, you’ll see in the downloaded .html file that there’s a few extra scripts and styles being imported

Impeccable, David! Now is working like a charm! Thanks!

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I was wondering how to adjust the Statistic Counter code to admit counter variables that can be modify using Code Injection, and so to make easier for the final user to setup the counters.

Any clue on the matter is quite appreciated

Sorry, not quite sure what you’re asking for? Are you asking for an easier to add code into the page? You could provide all the background code in the Code Injection area and then let people use the HTML card to add the counter on a per page basis? There’s a little more info here on the HTML card specifically: