SUCCESS! Importing Cove Comments into Ghost

Even though there is no formally supported mechanism for importing comments from Cove into Ghost, Salehin from @inoryum completed this task for me today on

There were some tweaks required to the JSON export file and custom mySQL scripting required to make the transfer happen and even then there was some chasing down of odds and ends. In the end, everything went smoothly and everything was transferred over without any glitches. (We did lose the emoticons and the pinned status which was expected), but having everything in Ghost means that with a little more work we can get Algolia to index the comments, which is the main aspect of using Cove for comments that I really wanted to address. There’s important content in the comments that I want my members to be able to search, and soon they should be able to.

I want to thank Dan Rowden for making Cove comments possible in the first place, Cove was so much more accessible than other external commenting options.

And again, thanks to Salehin @inoryum for putting in the work to make this happen. If anyone out there wants to remove Cove as an external dependency from your Ghost stack, there is now an option.

Next task is an SSO solution that will seamlessly connect my dormant forum site that is hosted in Jamroom. It’s going to be an elegant hack!


What an excellent advert for Cove on your lovely new site :blush:

It’s always great to work with @TheChocolateLife. I appreciate your cooperation & support.

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